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Frank Sinatra – My Way

24 March 2008 18 Comments

First time I hear this song when Bro sing it while we go for karaoke. We meet his friend at Deluxe Club. I think the song is beautiful as the lyric. :roll:

The lyrics of “My Way” tell the story of a man who is nearing death.


Download Frank Sinatra – My Way

18 comments on “Frank Sinatra – My Way

  1. catzer on said:

    aiyak, so sentimental lah ko..erm bile nak dating ni..adei..letihlah tunggu ko..Kalau terjebak ke shah alam jom pi Pak Li Kopitiam.. :mrgreen:

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  3. kaSyah on said:

    datang r rumah aku..ade air terjun..leh dating kat situ….muahahaha :twisted:

  4. hafiz on said:

    I like this song too :mrgreen:

  5. Cikgu Azleen on said:

    One of my favourite song..

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  6. hafifi on said:

    kurang sikit lagu omputih ni..tapi klu boleh masuk, lyannn je..

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  7. kaSyah on said:

    wahh glad…ada org minat gak :mrgreen:

  8. kaSyah on said:

    Best la, cikgu pun minat :grin:

  9. kaSyah on said:

    hehe…susah tu nak bawak kalo karaoke….kena pndai main.. :mrgreen:

  10. arowanacare on said:

    This was a nice post. Thanks for sharing, and it’s good to know there is still great stuff out there.

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