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Counting on 1st day of 2010

21 December 2009 6 Comments

Hello bro…how do you do. Do you missing me? Please said so cause I’m hopeless…hahaha.

Yay yay…..only have 10 days left before we move to a new year. Am I doing well? Hurmmm I suppose I’m doing great.

Friends always asking me, why didn’t I update the target for each month as I did it before. Hurmmm… my answer, I still do it but in other medium. Hope it’s a good enough answer ya…..haha

Hey, let check again Kasyah’s 2009 Mission in Action.

Find a new mentor
Profit income USD200 per day
Launch 3 digital product
Set up a business for Website Design

Help my friends to have passive income USD20 per day
Enlarge my Muslimah’s T-shirt business
Learn Mandarin
Upgrade my communication skills
Get a very good sleep
Open a shop at Kg. Melayu Subang will update later
Buy Fujitsu or Toshiba notebook
Buy Honda City or Toyota Vios

Okay, for mission no 3 & 4 I will delete because it’s not relevance now. So, 85% of the mission, successful.

What’s my target for the next year…yeahh!!!

Hit my first 100K sale per month.
Wider and upgrade the level of my network.
Still stay behind the radar.


So what about love?

Oh. Because there are many times I been asking by my relatives and friends when will I get married, I just plainly told them.

“Oh next year lah okeh?!..” hahaha

“You oledi got a calon eh?”

“Aha….calon not yet la but I know la I will get married next year. Okeh, satisfied.?”

“………..oh, by the way, I know my bakal calon love green. Don’t ask me why? I just knew. I have a very strong instinct and that’s why I still survive now…”

Okay, that’s my instinct but actually I hope it will not happen because I have my target and focus next year. Okay, I admit maybe I afraid….. I enjoy my life now as a bachelor even I don’t have any special girlfriend and my friends like to speculate me a little gay..hahaha

You know my princess will appear in front of me when the time is coming. Why should I wasting my time looking for them?

Hurmm….so how about I change word princess to money? Read again the above sentence. Like I just waiting the money falling from the sky. Wow, it should have a good happy ending.

However, next year I tell ya, I would never ever looking for a girl. If they think my personality is suitable and comfortable with them, they will come to me. And I be honest, with my life situation now, I can’t give any full commitment with them. Only one thing I can promise, I will never forget to wish dear my princess only this two words everyday, Nite Dear!

It seem now I hate myself when I’m writing about business and then it mix with my emotional.

Nite mates!

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