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Kill the Subject!

4 May 2009 One Comment

4:11am, 4 May 2009-05-04

Finally, I am back on my laptop (with internet connection) again after 42 hours.

Faiz fetched me up and sent me back home today. We had a great discussion as usual while in the car. He shared with me a phrase that he learned from his father and practically applying it well with his job performances since the past 2 weeks.

“Kill the subject!”


Yeah, I am pretty sure you knew the word “take action” or “do it now’…..but what the heck does this mean?

You told me you want to take an action now to complete the job, but when are you going to finish it? Mostly it will devour much time finishing the important job. The phrase “Kill the subject” means, you must complete your job as fast as you can. So even if you did take the first step, it would still be going nowhere if you are not sure when you can finish it.


Time is too slow to wait for me.

Starting from today, I am going to use this word in my everyday life. To all my partners and friends, if you can’t keep up with my pace, Sayonara then. I am sorry, because I just can’t wait for you.

Let me again, give you a piece of advice for goodness sake; go and get to read the book titled, Business – The Richard Branson’s Way and study his 8th Secrets, Faster than a Speeding Bullet. Ask no more questions. Time is too short for the gibberish things.

One comment on “Kill the Subject!

  1. FRZ318 on said:


    Of course that is a profound insight.

    ‘Kill the Subject’, for we are always incline to procrastination.

    Thanks for sharing. :cool: :smile:

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