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Gothic and Lolita Fashion

2 July 2007 130 Comments

From Wikipedia

Gothic Lolita or “GothLoli” (????, gosurori; sometimes alternatively “Loli-Goth”) is a subcategory of the Lolita fashion, a street fashion among Japanese female teenagers and, to a lesser extent, men and young women.


There are many type of Lolita fashion and not my intention to waste my time details it here. Its including Gothic Lolita, Kurololi, Gurololi, Sweet Lolita, Classical Lolita, Punk Lolita, Wa Lolita, Qi Lolita, Pirate Lolita, Erotic Lolita, Ouji and Dandy. See, thats why im not details it here.


Note : Wanna take your gothic lolita test? Click here.

Gothic Lolita
fashion is well known at Japan. Even i hate it but certain dressing i think its just okay..haha


This from Hello Project! Winter 2007 concert. Frankly speaking i like their dressing. And i not sure if they dressing in gothic or not. Wish its not.huhu



But in Malaysia, sorry to say. I want to kick your a*s if i see you in front of me…haha. Why?? Nothing much just i feel very annoying when someone with that weird dressing and stupid ‘bocor’ umbrella. *Sigh



*Unknown sources. Credit whose taken this pictures

Now I am all in favour of the kids trying to piss off their parents by acting weird, and alternative lifestyles have always appealed to me, so no problems there. But hey come on bro,sis, how much creativity does it take to get your odd lifestyles right out of a box? One day what you will become? When you will grow up up you will really understand what do i mean.


*Unknown source. Credit whose taken this picture

Hey bro,sis… i don’t who are you but please la be matured. Yeah, when i was same age like you, i also easy influenced by many of ‘crazy’ fashion and music. Skinhead, hip hop, skinhop, grunge, punk rock, black metal (only the music, just history). Fashion not death..but we are.

I know, “Jangan suka jaga tepi kain orang” but please la orang pun menyampah tengok korang macam ni. Nak dicekik-cekik sorang-sorang.

And i know la, “Kitorang tak kaco orang, pesal lak nak kaco kitorang“. Memang la tapi ko dah kacau environment kat situ. Aku pun naik malu jadi lelaki Melayu.

I hate this fashion but this photo is beautiful. I think.


This from my heart. I not hate you. I only hate that odd-stupid fashion only. Thanks you. Please hate me.

Note : Do you think Datuk Siti wearing gothic fashion also….haha.


130 comments on “Gothic and Lolita Fashion

  1. issabella on said:

    first of all,aq nk kate sbg muslim kne sling nasihat-menasihati..

    then aq nak kate,ape yg bgos sngt gothic ni?? :???:

    pakaian dedah sane-sini.

    make up mcm org mati.. :shock:

    thruthfully,xde style lgsong..

    tenager skunk ni suke sgt tiru..

    i know u’all rse fashion icon.. :wink:

    but jgn keterlaluan ?

    coz i rse,pakaian kalau da burox cam tu,mncerminkan diri kan??

    cmne la prasaan mak bpak u’all.. :cry:

    if dyorang x ksah,dyorang mmg x syg u’all.. :!:


    btw,jgn too over… :mad:

    be ur self,tapya nak copy2 fashion org or country laen..


  2. It takes all sorts to make our great world…

  3. emo fashion freak on said:

    i like some of the outfits, it must be hot in these :smile:

  4. refpowa on said:

    These style is very special and very interesting.
    I think this kind people has lot of personnality.
    And you,what do you think ?

    refpowa’s last blog post..Les playmate posent pour refpowa

  5. tengku indra tieara on said:

    nak join leh… :lol:

  6. tengku endra on said:

    kalu kami nak join gothic k..cm new ar?? :razz:

  7. paan on said:

    i think better u all dressup like vampire.. :lol:

  8. LoLiTa91 on said:

    gothik nei lawak jgak unik xda persamaan ngan kumpulan lain tetapi pemikiran owang yg xtaw sal gothik nei yang membuat salah paham….
    cuba lah perpikiran yang unik dan terbuka…..
    gothik nei tidak pun mengangu ketenteraman owang len..mereka hanya ingin menunjukkan sahaja…bawaha keunikan gothik amat lah berlainan… :smile:

  9. Jenny Richard on said:

    Wow, Malaysian already contribute one of the “famous” fashion at Asia. They just a teen who seeking for fashion freedom, let them be like that. Just hoping they will find another way to contribute on fashion industry for local market.

  10. peace_gurlz on said:

    hahahahahaha……….aq paling minat fesyen dak gothic…
    care pemakaian dak gothic jenis slumber…….gua tabik same lu :evil:

  11. peace_gurlz on said:

    tapi an iz,aq ad rase gak yg pesyen gothic 2 just nk memalukan agama je :mad:

  12. Punky Hair on said:

    I like how everyone has their own styles;)

  13. download mp3 indonesia on said:

    keren nih , mantaf

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  14. Kinky-boy on said:

    apa la korang nie bergaduh tak tentu pasal.. setiap org ada pandangan sesama sendiri jg kan.. itu dikatakan lumrah~.. apa pun, mmg x salah utk kita mencuba sesuatu baru tapi berpada pada lah korang jan terlebih pulak.. just poyo, itu ja.. kirim salam org sabah yer~..

  15. mulut murai on said:

    sy ska lh fashion d org p minah jpun je. kalau org jawa n mlayu mmg sah x sesuai. sbb nya muka kau org nmpk tawar la. cubalh taruk asam ckit ke n gula ke, tak lh ku benci sangat tengok kau org. btl la wei,bla korang pose dlm memana gmbr,korg ni nmpak pelik sgt n kers mcm pkok kayu sbb memg hakiktnya korg ni tk da style LANGSUNG!!! wuahaha :lol: jgn marah, nanti cpt tua. skarang korang kna risau psl h1n1 je, x perlu gaduh2 psl gothic ni ok…. bye …ta..da….

  16. Kinky-boy on said:

    apa lah komen kau nie mcm budak2.. tgok mcm sy, mature skit.. kalau tak tahan tgok bebudak emo di shopping complex, pakai la black sungglasses.. tampal tebal2 ngan manila kad.. tapi betul jg la, identiti bebudak zmn skg nie mcm beruk.. jalan2 sombong, trip hensem cuta pakai baju koyak rabak.. time hujan pakai payung bocor senyum2, org len pandang heran minah nie gile ke aper.. lol

  17. Damn!What the hell r u duin on said:

    1st of all, i also can say that im a goth tp xder larh dressing cam nk mpus g2.. muka cam periuk kuali :lol: ade hati nak dressing black…
    Tips for pozers :arrow: …1.Wear dresses/clothes yg ok can contrast between u n the stuff ur wearing slightly bkn pkai stuff cam menambahkan lg ke ‘ump’ wajah korang…2.simple is best.its okay to wear that stuff but go simple pkai seluar dier je ke bleh bg edge skit dri normal people…3…Never Ever Over Do!!!!if u c the above pic mang ur fashion sense is DEAD AND OUT THE WINDOW..the umbrella if hujan xde tlng korang menyusahkan lg adelah…anyway consider ok larh drpd go on drugs kan2..lastly to all goth poserz dun buat mlu ngan this fshn ni find larh cosplay ke ape n let ur fashion sense be judge by pros got poserz..
    anyway if anything i said was wrong feel free to correct me and sorry also…chow

  18. i love gothic sooooooooo much… :twisted:

  19. The VerSION on said:

    I dont like to see those girls and guys -all try to wear like EGL but END up wearing mix casual cloth and with coat and skirt and stripe and all…and dont even have make up~it’s ugly!! Where’s the hairstyle? where’s the make up and the dress all out!! Doesnt look like GOthic Visual-Kei or Lolita or Punk at all… Look like an Emo to me….

  20. The VerSION on said:

    Come on I can do better than that! dressing up much more better than they are~

  21. The VerSION on said:


  22. tasha on said:

    askm kami bdak ghotic png lau nk join leh x ngan bdak sungai petani tu tu lau nk join kami my la png kt b.m :razz:

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    not really my kind of fashion but i can see the attraction with some of the clothes.

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  25. highheels on said:

    I like the Goth fashion but I do not think it looks right everyone. While Japanese and Asian’s look good in many things Goth is not one of them.

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  28. Hybrid Pioneer (Cyka) on said:

    sape na ikut aku satu trend yang aku reka, trend ni ringang je oi…fesyen Goth + Black Metal…nmenye Hybrid (Hierarchy Yet have been Banned by Rebelillion that Independent in the world of Dieschanted @ H.Y.B.R.I.D)…. XD direka oleh my boyfren..

  29. bnyk ar ko nyew goth budak.. ari2 ak wat magik dgn dak2 gaout(gothic) siap kuo darah…. smua takut nk tgk..(padahal darah tipu jew) ahahhaa.. dark pe mcam 2.. :lol:

  30. ilmu photoshop CS on said:

    simple & informatif . I like it, Thanks for sharing!

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