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Japanese girl, moment of truth

14 July 2007 43 Comments

2 days ago I meet Bro Fairuz. He introduces me to Abang Aziz and her wife Celine. Celine is a Filipino and she became a Muslim after meets Abang Aziz. She was pregnant for their fourth children. We have an interesting chat when Bro Fairuz told them that I have a Japanese girlfriend. I knew Bro just joking but both of them asked me.

“So you will staying at there after study?”
“How about her religion?”

“I will go to Japan after I finish my study.”
“I will convet her to Islam.”


Anyway I told them that it’s my dream to have a Japanese girlfriend and marry her. Not that I have one at this time.Then Celine story to me before she meet Abang Aziz, she had a Japanese boyfriend. Her boyfirend is very rich and have many properties at Ginza. She stayed at Japan almost 5 years. She got a lot of Japanese friends and her sister married with a Japanese guy.

“Ohh..why you choice is Japanese girl? You can have Malay, Siam, Indon or Filipino? She smiled. Don’t be deceive with their respectful and super nice gesture .” said Celine sambil make a style of nice Japanese girl. *Hajime mashite, gomenasai, arigato.

“Hurmmm, they have many good value as punctual, respectful and hygine. I can have Pan-Asian babies also..hehe.”
“Hygiene?? You said they hygiene?”
“Yaa, why?”
“They didn’t washed using water after defecate. Just lap you know.”
“What?? Really?”

Spontaneous I quiet and thinking what Celine already said.*Berak tak basuh!…Oh no..no…! I just can’t imagine anymore. Oh man….

“Japanese girls nowadays really materialistic and highly maintainence. If you married them, it’s really hard for your married to last long. Maybe in 10-15 years, she will looking for another guy. Or maybe not less than 5 years. They also less respect to your parent and it’s not easy for them to accept our culture and religion. Most of Japanese don’t believe in God.”
“And Japanese girls are likes a ‘taxi‘.”
“Taxi?? What’s do you mean by that?”

Bro interfere.
“Like an aiport la. Where everyone can ‘landing’.”
“Ohhhhhhhh…… now i catch it.”

“So you still looking for Japanese girl.”
“Oh..now I need a deep thinking about Japenese girls. Anyway, can you speak Japanese?”
“Yes, I can.”
“Can you teach me?”

When Bro sent me back to house, he kidding with me about Japanese girls.

“So you still want Japanese girl?
“I can’t decide yet la.┝
“Berak tak basuh tuu..haha.”
“Nanti I ajar la dia..huhu.”

At home I been thinking and imagine about my dream Japanese girl. Will she be like that? Should I edit my ‘About’ page?

Do you have anyone special in your heart?

Ohh..I have one mysterius girl. She don’t know me but I know her. It tough to say to her that I like her. She’s from another country, different language, different culture. How can I contact her? Even her e-mail I don’t have. It’s sound like fantasy but I will turn it to reality. And I have to sacrifice my time if I really want to meet her because some reasons. Maybe another 10 years. Waiting is beautiful!!

Now whenever I saw any Japanese dramas, movies or music videos, I feel a little sick.

Oh..I can have 4 wives right. I will marry Malay, Japanese, Korean and Filipino. So for those that ‘berak tak basuh’ I will suruh yang pandai teach them la..haha.

At night I had a beautiful dream. I meet with a Malay girl that I had crush for her but I don’t know if she likes me too (I wish!). We only knew each other less than 2 months and never face to face before. And when I like someone, I will ‘digg until the worm hole’ haha.

She came to me and invited me to join in her lecture class. So I followed to her lecture hall. I sit at the last row. She sit beside me and more close to me. My face turn red and I feel really shy like a decent little boy. Aiyo, why I so shy? Even his face I too shy to look back. Only looking forward. It was a very happy moment even we didn’t speak. And my dream stop at there.

If any girl outside there have a dream as me, maybe we have a match..lol. But I believe to Qada’ and Qadar Allah. And I must finish my study first. So, I’m single and reserved. Can ka?

43 comments on “Japanese girl, moment of truth

  1. shutterspeaks on said:

    aku dulu masa sekolah menengah kepingin nak awek amoi.. ahaha. komfem x dpt nyer lah, simpan jer lah niat tu.

    jepun mmg jijik dude, dorang nyer fear factor makan taik fresh, orang tu berak depan2 dorang lepas tu dorang makan. tapi mereka tetap cungg…

    too much graphic in this comment miahahaha…

  2. sampulnak on said:


    bukan jepun jak, aku rasa hampir semua non-muslim race berak tak basuh.

  3. syika on said:

    hahahaha…berak xbasuh! :razz: maybe shes different la bro heh dy kan sentiase different ngan girl laen..em what about kamei eri,miyabi&&momoko :mrgreen:

  4. manchurr on said:

    hahahh i’m a jepang fan.. loved jdrama.. gurl2 dorg kawaiii sgt2.. tp tu la.. luar je lawa watpe hehe

  5. minci yazumin on said:

    aku rasa yang basuh berak Mostly orang Islam jer..so im not surprised knowing that your Kimiko tk basuh.. hahaha… sukati jer aku bagi nama kat aweks jepon kau.. :lol:

    tapi tkderlah diorg lap ngan tisu sekali lalu jer.. mestilah berkali2 sampai visually clean.. seang citer camnilah.. untuk kebersihan sejati.. basuh ngan air pastuh lap kering ngan tisu.. hihihi

    wah.. tamak siot nak full-kan quota.. :twisted:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. gelinyer baca komenan shutterspeaks.. makan uh uh.. bluekkkk *alamak, tkder emoticon muntah2..*

  6. azwanhadzree on said:

    aku masih ingat .. aku pernah tengok .. tak salah aku dalam 2 tahun lepas. taik fresh tu … pening :shock:

  7. azwanhadzree on said:

    ala .. tak kisah lah Kasyah kau nak awek/bini bangsa apa. Nanti kau didik lah dia, ajar dia basuh berak dia .. kah.kah..kah..

  8. kaSyah on said:

    gile makan taik. walaupun b4 dis aku tau dorang mkn taik tapi xbasuh tu yg aku ada la sket2 tawar hati.. :cry:

  9. azrn on said:

    haha..mmg siyes ar org jepun berak x basuh. main lap je. org putih pon gitu. ehe..masa aku kat tokyo, perghh…toilet takde air taw. bole siap landing2 baring guling2 atas lantai toilet!

    Budaya diorg, kalo tandas basah mcm akn “bad luck” ar.
    so, aku terpaksa cuci senyap2. guna mineral. bwk wet tissue.
    susahhhh sgt! pastu cepat2 berambos sbb kalo tukang cuci nmpak air, dia akan marah kita! :???: :???:

    and yes! I 77% agree dengan gadis tokyo sgt materialistik. sanggUp x kawin semata2 nak duit! obses sgt nak kurus-muda-cantik. :neutral:

  10. yasmin..aku ade video makan itu..ko nak tgk?tatau la aku simpan gi ke tak..haha..

    oh..anyway incik kasyah..gudlak dengan kimiko (bak kata minci) kamu..abang ipar kami dolu beria nak kawen dengan awek cina, dari sekola sampai ke university semua awek dia cina belaka..tapi, kawennye dengan kakakku yang melayu..maka digelakkan sajor..

    “I will marry Malay, Japanese, Korean and Filipino. So for those that ‘berak tak basuh’ I will suruh yang pandai teach them” >ye inila paling afdal untuk digelakkan.. :mrgreen:

  11. aizat on said:

    huhu.. aku suke awek korea.. tapi mane nak dapat.. blaja pon tak sampai korea.. hehe.. last2 awek mesia gak, awek melayu jer best..

  12. WaWa on said:

    ntah. aku pon rase camtu. haha.
    toilet kat uni, mane ade paip. hampeh. aku selalu tak g toilet kalo kat kampus. papehal, semua aku setel soblom g uni. hehe.

  13. hafiz on said:

    haha…hebat betul impian nak penuhkan kuota tu. it will be an
    extremely big responsibility :)

    are you still going to find a Japanese wife eh….

  14. kaSyah on said:

    huhu…kalo tetiba something wrong datang menyerang perut ko..perlukah ko berpatah balik ke rumah..haha

  15. kaSyah on said:

    hehe…i hope so..and so..

    still u know my faveret ya…but i still stick with her sis.

  16. kaSyah on said:

    terpesona dgn luaran bisa membuatkan otak menjadi kacau dan hati mula menguasai

  17. kaSyah on said:

    kimiko??haha…memandai je ko. sib baik takletak nama pikachu…haha

    oh..kalau ada kenakan sedikit seanyak air mutlak aku xkesah la sgt..huhu

    oh…itu bukan tamak…itu kerana aku kesian terlalu raami sgt wanita di dunia..huhu

  18. kaSyah on said:

    la disimpannya lagi video yg buat aku pengsan.

    hoho…nampaknya gadis melayu ada ciri2 yg abg ipar ko mahukan…hehe. aku kena usha balik gadis2 melayu pasni…hehe

    hoho….syok ape kawin banyak..kuang2

  19. kaSyah on said:

    hahaaha… lagi baik kalo aku suruh my parent carikan jodoh..hahahha

  20. Syafrizal on said:

    Me too want a Japanese or Chinese kind of look. I’ve once had a gf with a chinese look but later dumped me :cry:
    Takper.. keep on searching. Tp kalau dah berak tak basuh tu susah la hehe.

  21. kaSyah on said:

    wow..ko penah ke tokyo ye…aku naik flight pun xpenah.

    hehe..cuci senyap2..bole la pulak cleaner tu marah kalo ada air tumpah..kurang asam tol..

    ohh nape 77% saja..kalo camtu aku kena carik 23% lagi la..haha

  22. kaSyah on said:

    sape bilang gadis melayu tak menawan..haha

  23. minci yazumin on said:

    euwww… tk nk aku.. mau anorexia aku seumo hidup..

  24. Cik Mira on said:

    First thing is; I’ve change my blog – http://cikmira.blogsome.com due to some prob occurred.
    2nd thing is about the japs girl, yeah, i found they’re really materialistic. they couldnt stand with a guy for a long time.
    Actually, for me, bangsa, agama, it doesnt matter. kalau bleh didik, ikut cara kita, so no probs. Tapi kalo stakat nak kawen bcause of the cute-ness of their sepet eyes… I think you better search for a sepet Muslimah. It would be wayyy nice =)

  25. kaSyah on said:

    hehe.. but its much better to love the only one..

    yaa..i still going to japan bro

  26. memang begitu lah situasi sekarang kenkawan..memang berak tak basuh..muka je cun..make up die..perghhhh!kalah artis mesia…

    jamban kat sinih beransur-ansur ditukar kepada yang pancut air secara automatik sekarang..tapi mmg jamban die clean dan kering..ikut pengalaman aku la..haha

  27. kaSyah on said:

    relax bro..i know willl find another best girl.

    hehe ..mencari lagi, but not now.byk mende lain lagi pntg.

    berak tak basuh..hahaha

  28. kaSyah on said:

    yyup..betul tu.

    but not my intention to marry because their cuteness, but i love their culture n life value.

    sepet muslimah?..haha :mrgreen:

  29. kaSyah on said:

    hehe..memang pun…tak lama lagi kta pun terikut2 ngan budaya asing :mrgreen:

  30. duez on said:

    Aku minat tgk je..utk ada apa2 hubungan tidak kot..hahaha..pengotor mereka nih..tapi lagi pengotor cina..

  31. aarin on said:

    Mmg bergantung pd takdir, tak dapat yg betul2 pure japanese, kacukan pun boleh juga kan?

  32. coops on said:

    apa kata cari je org melayu, mcm2 jenis pun ada, hehe. tp kan kasyah, takyah la fikir smp to that extent (basuh berak etc) sbb susah jugak kalau hati dah berkenan tp ada minor2 thgs mcm ni, kan? i mean, benda mcm ni subjective, tak sumer ‘kotor’ and tak sumer org melayu pun bersih… :wink:

  33. mixterr on said:

    ee yerr gelinyer.. makan taik…
    shutterpeaks aku lepas sekolah ade awek amoi tau.. hehehe

  34. IcedNyior on said:

    overgeneralizing & overstereotyping lah ko org nih. Not all non-muslim lap jek. cthnye….aku – mesti cari toilet yg ada paip air kalo tak rasa mcm tak bersih. wakakakka!

    alar benda kecik2 mcm cuci bontot tu leh diajar la.

    btw, i nampak post u byk symbols. Pelik

  35. kaSyah on said:

    hehe..sori sori..

    kat mesia ni semua pandai cuci pakai air. selalu sgt hujan..hehe.

    ohh sori…dah betulkan simbol2 pelik tu.. :mrgreen:

  36. You have a very complicated life! :P

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  38. biasa aja tuh,bagusan juga filmyang aku maininjudulnyaberanak,dalamplastikkk….

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  40. jasmeet on said:

    duh..bodo cyal…tu arr pasal blajar masuk u pun gov sponser..bodo tahap cibai pon boleh grad…orang non muslim ada yg hygiene..n pls k …stop talking rubbish..mentlity korang ni sumer cam budak kecik…patutla negara tak maju…thnk god im outtathis cursed place..cheers… :lol:

  41. Entah123 on said:

    Aku rasa yg berak tak basuh tu stereotaip je la.. bukan ke kat jepun skrang ni ade tandas yg bleh pancut air tu.

  42. Birthday Banners Personalized on said:

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