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It’s begin now

6 October 2009 One Comment

Hello and salam all.

My Sharingan projects will move to the next phase. All basic preparations was completed.

The competitions are very high. To control all the market, the big player became too greed.


Yeah, I was scared with the big player but day by day, I increase my determination to fight this guy. I get a good backup and myself upgrading too.

There are 5 biggest groups in Malaysia. I build a good relationship with just only 4 groups.

Price and quality is nothing if you want to compare it. All dealer play with the price and I just don’t care because it’s too tired to play along with them. My mission is greater than them.

Will continue….Salam. :mrgreen:

One comment on “It’s begin now

  1. catzer on said:

    Gambatte kudasai :)

    catzer’s last blog post..Apa Kes Majalah IM

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