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Ramadhan diet

20 September 2007 17 Comments

I just love to share with all my readers about my Ramadhan diet. You can take it for example if you want to maintained or lose your body weight. Honestly there is nothing I can help if you still unbelieve in yourself you can lose weight.


My diet is very simple. Let start from the moment I ‘berbuka puasa’. I eat as usual as I am not in fasting month. Even I’m feeling very hungry but I know my limit. I don’t want to stun my stomach with many kind of different foods-only do that when Hari Raya.

I eat rice with meat or chicken or fish. Sometimes I add egg. When its Maghrib time, I drink a water first and then start to pray. After finish, then I start eating. Remember words from our Prophet,

“Stop before full”.


In time between 2015 to 2145 is time for me to go for Solat Tarawikh or rest at home. Afterward I doing my study until 2300.

I take an hour to do my training in Ramadhan. Because nobody will see me so I just put minimum clothes on by body…hihihi. For initial, I do some stretching. Then I start ‘static jogging’(lari anak).

Its split to 3 phases. First. 6 minutes is for warm-up jog. Second, exercise within my aerobic training zone at least 12 minutes. Third, I take about 6 minutes to cool down. In this way, I can prevent blood from pooling in my working muscles.

Take 5 minutes break and make a cup of hot Milo ( Milo + Nespray). Then continue with rutine training that more focus on triceps, biceps, abs and chest. This part I don’t want to details it here.

After I finished all of my training, I take a shower. Clean the body properly with Shokubutsu and shower scrub. Then sms my friend and asked her/him to miss call me at 0430 for ‘sahur’.

Okay, this my suggestion for who want to lose their weight on Ramadhan.


Write on, “I HAVE A PERFECT BODY” and put it anywhere you can always see it. Remove all the negative words such as, “Fatty, chubby, gemok, montel…” Keep in your mind, that’s not you ARE, that’s what you WERE.


Constantly feel great about your body. Assume your body like your dream house or dream car. You really love it and take a great care for it.

Bear in mind…. “I love my perfect body! I love my perfect body! I love my perfect body!”


Don’t take foods to much and many different type of it when ‘berbuka’. You wont die if you only take what’s necessary. You can make a week list what you want to eat when ‘berbuka’. If you still can not restrain it, don’t go to Bazaar/Pasar Ramadhan. Just ask your friend to buy for you.


While Ramadhan you have about 10-11 hours instead 24 hours to eat. So this is good opportunity for you to control and balance your food intake.


Exercises. Find your time at least 30 minutes for your own good. Sweat your body. Do anything you want. Jogging, play badminton, play futsal…just do it. Let your body enjoy with it. Its really fun you know.


If you think its not suitable for you its okay. If you not so diligent, the you can try to clean up bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and stair. Do something that can make your muscle in motion.

Then, find a big mirror and show your sweat body in front it. Open your shirt and observe the sweats that flowing outside your perfect body. Say to yourself,


“Wow, what a SEXY body I have. I want to do it more.”


This is CHALLENGE from me. If you can lose your weight before Aidilfitri, you can ask me anything that I can do for you. I really want to watch it.

Note : Please look at my previous entries also.

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Warning : I don’t want to take any responsibility if your lose 10kilos before Aidilfitri.

17 comments on “Ramadhan diet

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  2. Good tips!! But I always exercise before berbuka.. hehehe .. malam time untuk keje freelance then tido.. :grin:

  3. jangan campur lebih dari satu sumber protein dalam satu hidangan makanan

    lebihkan minum air

  4. IcedNyior on said:

    Lose 10 kg masa puasa..pastu 2 hari raya..pegi open hse…naik 10 kg lagi..haha :P

  5. good info…

  6. kamu keji, krn menunjukkan kuih pebretku disini..[menanes-nanes dibahu jalan.]aaa..tak larat la nak eksesais..ye..ye..akan menyapu lantai, cuci toilet dan dapor itu..makaseh..

  7. kuat badan ko ye… aku nak exercise b4 berbuka pun malas…hhaaha :mrgreen:

  8. thanks for the info bro. :D

  9. nanti open house duduk je kat rumah bole?hehehe :mrgreen:

  10. kueh pebretmu? pelita ka itu? hehe :roll:

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  13. Kurus5Hari on said:

    absolutely a good tip. unfortunately, agak susah untuk saya kuruskan badan di bulan puasa. tak tahu kenapa. tend to eat more masa bukak puasa. this year nak kena betul-betul implement your tips, hopefully it works for me.

    some people easily lose weight during fasting month, tapi mereka tak sedar, yang hilang sebenarnya air dalam badan, bukannya lemak. betul tak?

  14. hensem guy on said:

    sekarang ni ramai yang diet menggunakan cara nutrisistem.
    sebenarnya cara ni lebih senang, sebab kita perlu risau tentang cukup atau tidak khasiat dalam badan.

    masalah nya kita ni tak tahan dengan godaan makanan aje…betul tak?

  15. Ashok on said:

    If you want a simple, no-nonsense diet that is practically guaranteed to work, you need to follow the common sense diet.

    Eat small amounts of healthy food. Exercise regularly. Limit your calories. That is all you need to do and you will lose weight. It’s a scientific fact. In order to effectively lose weight, your body needs to burn more calories than you are eating. Healthy foods that are low in calories will help you get the nutrition you need while you are restricting calories so that you can lose weight.

    If you use common sense and planning, you can find ways to eat healthy, low calorie foods no matter where you are and no matter how much time you may or may not have. Making time for exercise is important in weight loss but it’s easy to work exercise into an already busy schedule without too much effort. Up to me weight loss pills are the best way to loss weight.

  16. cyberslimcenter on said:

    Well for me the best way to do diet is not to restrict anything. You are hungry when your body need nutrition. Food is the source of nutrients. So, I just eat 5-6 times a day. Chew it slowly and without I realize it, the size of the meal become smaller and smaller. By end of the first month I lost 5kg.One more thing that I did is drinking 3L of plain water a day consistently. Anyway, I do not do any drastic changes, it just a small changes every single day.

    Good luck guys. Health is wealth.

  17. TOP 1 Oli sintetik mobil-motor Indonesia on said:

    Pas sekali Mr. ,datang ke sini di bulan Ramadhan 2011,Nice Info.

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