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[14 May 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

Nowadays aircrafts charters are becoming very efficient mode for traveling. More than ease, for celebrities who want to go from one place to another to stay away from the eyes of media, cameras and paparazzi or for a busy executive who need to be on the important meeting at different places in a short time, it has become a necessity for them.

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[25 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]

If you have countless of money, why purchase your own private jet as most of the billionaires do, although you can charter it. Surely you don’t use your own private jet for everyday business travel or every week right? No need to throw away your money to rent a hangar and hire the workers to look after of your own private jet.

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[23 Apr 2008 | 5 Comments | ]

Now, would you believe that there is this company offering clients like you with the great deals on private jet and aircraft charter?
If you like going on travel and you has all the cash to use for it; wouldn’t you desire to travel aboard with an exclusive charter? I bet you will say yes. You might be though that only celebrities, executives, dignitaries can travel with private jet charter, but now you can get the same chance as them.

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[2 Mar 2008 | Comments Off | ]

Sick of checking-in in the same hotel, when you are on vacation aboard or go on business trip? Don’t have time to look for other alternatives. Hey, you actually can find the easy way to make a choice. If you are planning to stay at Barcelona, Prague, London, Dublin, New York or Rome, you can booking the hotels online. You can use services that EasyToBook provided. Booking is not so difficult anymore.
EasyToBook give a better informations and services too. It also offers thousands of discounted rooms where you can booked …

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[15 Jan 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

My motivation today.

Link – From the inside (street stunts 2007)Uploaded by Equipo_Lavida

“A todo el mundo que me quiera conocer. Mantener de vuelo” (To all the world I want to know. Keeps flying)
Thanks Link. My spirit just came back to me.
ps- Like this video? You can download it.

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[27 Nov 2007 | 44 Comments | ]

“Hey Bro, do you know how to do this?”
My cousin swiftly showed me a few steps. I noticed that the dance focus more on the legs. However, I think the dance looks funny.

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[29 Oct 2007 | 29 Comments | ]

This is the picture that I taken at No Pain No Gain (NPNG) Sports Centre. They held a futsal tournament last Saturday night. I been there to give moral and transport support to my cousin football team. Even we didn’t manage to win but the experience that we gain from this futsal tournament is great. Well, no pain no gain huh!

Waiting and getting ready.

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[20 May 2007 | 28 Comments | ]

Nampaknya hari ini aku gembira kerana pasukan kesukaan aku, Chelsea berjaya menjuarai FA Cup. Walaupun aku tidak tengok sepenuhnya perlawanan semalam tapi aku yakin pasukan kesayanganku akan berjaya menewaskan pasukan pilihan Chot..hahaha. Kali ini Chelsea berjaya menebus kehampaan selepas terlepas peluang untuk menjadi juara English Premier League yang ketiga berturut-turut selepas takhta liga dirampas oleh Manchester United.

Didier Drogba menjadi wira Chelsea selepas berjaya menyumbat gol 4 minit sebelum permainan dibawa ke set penentuan penalti. 116 minit perlawan akhir FA Cup musim ini mungkin antara detik bersejarah bagi Drogba untuk gol …

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[15 May 2007 | 48 Comments | ]

Who’s the really Parkour founder ? I got this from wikipedia source .
“The journey of parkour from the Parisian suburbs to its current status as a widely practiced
activity outside of France created splits among the originators. The founders of parkour started out in a group named the Yamakasi, but later separated due to disagreements over what David Belle referred to as “prostitution of the art,” the production of a feature film starring the Yamakasi in 2001. Sebastien Foucan, David Belle, were amongst those who split at this point. The name …