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[21 Dec 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
Counting on 1st day of 2010

Hello bro…how do you do. Do you missing me? Please said so cause I’m hopeless…hahaha.
Yay yay…..only have 10 days left before we move to a new year. Am I doing well? Hurmmm I suppose I’m doing great.
Friends always asking me, why didn’t I update the target for each month as I did it before. Hurmmm… my answer, I still do it but in other medium. Hope it’s a good enough answer ya…..haha
Hey, let check again Kasyah’s 2009 Mission in Action.
Find a new mentor
Profit income USD200 per day
Launch 3 digital product
Set …

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[20 Oct 2009 | 7 Comments | ]
Umur awak bukan 18 tahun?

Aku cukup berbangga dulu kalau berborak dengan teman-teman wanita aku dulu. Aku boleh dikatakan ingat hampir semua yang mereka katakan, samada tarikh lahir, adik beradik berapa, asal mana dan sebagainya. So kalau dah lama tak berborak, kekadang aku kenakan balik dorang2 yang suka cakap lelaki ni mudah lupa pasal benda2 yang dianggap penting kat wanita.
Tapi sejak kebelakangan ini, aku menghidap simptom yang agak berterabur untuk mengingat. Aku dah banyak terkena, salah tarikh lahir, lupa apa yang mereka suka, umur pun dah tunggang terbalik….haha….aku tak sure kenapa dah jadi macam ni, …

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[6 Oct 2009 | One Comment | ]
It’s begin now

Hello and salam all.
My Sharingan projects will move to the next phase. All basic preparations was completed.
The competitions are very high. To control all the market, the big player became too greed.

Yeah, I was scared with the big player but day by day, I increase my determination to fight this guy. I get a good backup and myself upgrading too.
There are 5 biggest groups in Malaysia. I build a good relationship with just only 4 groups.
Price and quality is nothing if you want to compare it. All dealer play with …

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[20 Jul 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
If you can’t fight, just be friend with you enemy……

If you can’t fight, just be friend with you enemy……

That’s what I will do since all things are not work. How come 2 years old boy want to fight with a boy 10 years older. It still can be done…..but not at this moment. I am still believed the market is very huge. I am still confident with my own capability and marketing skills. This is what I do and I contented to do it in my own way.

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[17 Jul 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Follow your heart

Alhamdulillah, I safely arrived at Brunei around 9.20pm yesterday. Chef and his wife brought me to Bandar Seri Begawan where they held the “Perayaan Sultan”. I kind of worries for leaving my laptop in the car but Chef insisted that it will be safe. We are not in Kuala Lumpur maa…. .
I want to share with all of you today.
Even you have a lot of information, sources, contacts and products you still go NOWHERE if the time when you want to penetrate the market is not AT THE …

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[14 Jun 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Biar ramai kenalan tapi sikit kawan

Aku ramai kawan. Tapi semua itu aku anggap kenalan. Aku sayangkan kawan-kawan aku selagi mereka masih kenal aku. So andai mereka buat-buat tak kenal aku pun tak terasa sangat, kerana mereka ni cumalah kenalan aku.
Bila aku anggap dia itu kawan baik aku, bermaksud, pada pandangan aku level mereka amat tinggi. Sebab aku tahu, dia ni tak main-main. So kalau dia tikam belakang atau cakap tak betul belakang aku, tahap mereka akan jatuh ke level paling bawah, lebih bawah dari tahap kenalan yang buat-buat tak kenal. Dalam hidup ni, kenapa perlu …

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[1 Jun 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

Hafiz called me up yesterday.
“Eh, you didn’t go to Faizal’s wedding?”
“Oh, he’s already married? Well, I’m not sure why he didn’t invite me. But that’s okay.”
“Did they invite you?”
“Nope, I thought you knew.”
“Well, anyway…. people change.”
This friend (Faizal) and his wife were friends of mine.
Actually, deep down in my heart, I truly wish my future wife won’t mind if our wedding ceremony will be just a simple one. I’m not the type of person that will go for a grand and costly wedding ceremony. I’m basically, an introvert with …

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[17 May 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

A customer called me last night. He’s quite okay but I feel irritated by his way of asking the questions. However this is not right, how could I feel annoyed although a year ago, I was very excited whenever a customer calling me even he/she asked a stupid thing. This not-so-good manner that growing slowly in me because……
1. I know I can find more better customer than him
2. I have a big ego because I believe; my agent should handle this problem, not me.
Not sure, if this is the right attitude …

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[13 May 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Cannot understand

Last Sunday I had dinner with Faiz and Abang Zohdi at San Francisco, Bukit Jelutong. That was my first time going there and it rather feels a bit awkward for me with the restaurant’s surroundings. We ordered San Francisco Special Pizza as our main dish. Actually, I am more interested to order Lamb Chop, but I still want to taste Tunku Jackie’s lamb chop first (I heard that her lamb chop is scrumptious). – Yeah, I had never tasted lamb chop in my whole life.

Customer service is …

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[4 May 2009 | One Comment | ]
Kill the Subject!

4:11am, 4 May 2009-05-04
Finally, I am back on my laptop (with internet connection) again after 42 hours.
Faiz fetched me up and sent me back home today. We had a great discussion as usual while in the car. He shared with me a phrase that he learned from his father and practically applying it well with his job performances since the past 2 weeks.
“Kill the subject!”

Yeah, I am pretty sure you knew the word “take action” or “do it now’…..but what the heck does this mean?
You told me you want …

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[30 Apr 2009 | 4 Comments | ]


Seriously dude, I was jumping in ecstasy after my customer confirmed the order. Finally I broke RM20K barrier. Honestly, sometimes I was doubtful as to how could I attain the target.
Ohh…this is super sweet!

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[29 Apr 2009 | One Comment | ]

Hello there my friends, and I hope that when I address every one of you as my friends, it means I shall always treat all of you as my good friends for as long as you will not delude me. However if you did, I’m fine with it, because after all that’s life right?
Friends are everywhere. I have met many people, made lots of friends along the way, but deep down in my heart I still harbour doubts as to whether they are sincere to me or not. …

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[15 Apr 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Manage people,money and time

Manage people and manage money is totally different.
We can easily control the money however it’s not easy to control the people.

For a short-term, with the money, we can control the people. But that’s will not stay for a long time.
For a long-term, when we can manage the people, we are not just can control the money but also can multiply both of them plus the time.

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[9 Apr 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
I’m afraid I will

When I think I was successful, I’m afraid I will:
1. Choose to listen any advices or ideas.
It can be very different if you give me any advices 2-3 years ago. I could totally accepted, and then I will do my own study whether it can be done or not. However for now, certain ideas or advices I will rejected on the spot (of course after hearing all your talking).
2. Choose to meet any of my friends.
I am easy going with my friends, but I can waste my time talking with …

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[5 Apr 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Start now or you will die

I still remember in my earlier days in my main business. I have problem about restocking. My rolling capital is very limited. I was depending on my Adsense money for rolling the stock and for my own expenses. So it’s hurt for me when I have to say to customer, “Sorry, my stock was finished already.” Its mean they will need to find from my other competitors and could become my competitors’s repeat customers.
However now is the different things. Even I have enough capital but if my suppliers don’t have …

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[1 Apr 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
1 April 2009

Alhamdulilllah, this month I achieved my main target again.
Total sale for the last month is RM16495. Currently I have 3 Adsense account that running this week. The other 2, is going to start next week.
The highest earnings per day I reach for the last month is USD44.44. Nice number…hihi.

Yosh, this is my mission target for April 2009.
1. Main business : Sale RM20K
2. 1st JV : Sale RM6K*
3. 2nd JV : Sale RM10K**
4. Adsense : USD550
5. Bidvertiser : 100USD
*My budget for this JV is RM500 for SEO & Media Buying
**This JV …

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[29 Mar 2009 | One Comment | ]
Just keep for myself

Today, I met my old classmate friend. He’s an engineer with the average income 5K per month as he told me. Okay, I don’t mind.
Actually our conversation was not so smooth. Even I was talking with a smile, I knew that he can feels my mood is not there. Okay, I admit, I can’t fully control my emotion at that moment.

For example;
“Pok pek pok pek.”
“Pok pek pok pek.”
“Pok pek pok pek.”
“Pok pek pok pek.”
“Businessman must have a far vision.” He said.
“Yes, I am kind of businessman that don’t have a …

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[29 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]
Last piece of weapon

Oh looks like one of my favorite niche is now compete with the newcomer of competitors. Oh well, it’s fine for me, because it’s mean this niche can growing vastly in Malaysia market. Who’s the first to take action, they can leading the market – if they knew how to deal with the newcomers. Oh… I’m really excited. And this will bring for my next month mission target.
By the way, I just back from Mid Valley. That’s the first time I meet Faiz after he return from London. Initially we …

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[23 Mar 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Hati berkecamuk

Walaupun hari ni kurang best sikit (sikit je…) tapi aku tetap tersenyum.
Aku bercadang menyerahkan sepenuhnya salah satu perniagaan aku kepada seseorang. Market di sini memang besar, semuanya telah tersedia. Masalahnya cuma satu, jiwa aku tak kena.
Sebagus mana pun jualannya, tapi kalau jiwaku tak kena, aku rasa cepat bosan dan otakku membeku. Aku berbisnes kerana ini adalah minat aku. Aku memang sukakan bisnes dan aku tahu aku akan lebih fokus bila niche itu kena dengan jiwaku. Bagi aku bisnes adalah hobi utama aku…tanpa bisnes aku mudah bosan dan terasa seperti orang …

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[21 Mar 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

One of the Adsense account yesterday. Want to reach as high as last year.

Some twist was working brilliant.
This week kind of boring because my sale not so high. Tonight have a meeting with Khalis and Mustaza.
Kasyah, what the heck actually are doing? Hurmmm…..what aaa…..is not that I don’t want to share it with you… BUT….I met many of them very energetic at the start…..then they will easily give up. Told you, the business is not play-play. Without diligent and kaizen attitude, sori, baik u naik lori tanam cili.

As …

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[20 Mar 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
In April…

In April I will go for…..
1. Dominating keyword for niche market (what’s that…?…hahaha) in Malaysia.
2. Adsense USD30 per day per account (secret strategy)
3. Autoblog with Adsense 30USD per day & flip website (okeh, I can’t estimate how much because I never be in this market, I guess around 800USD per website per month… )
That’s what I can see so far….all the best.

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[20 Mar 2009 | 9 Comments | ]
Kenapa tak gi dating?

“Hey sayang, kenapa ko tak suka gi dating?”
“Oh, cuma kerana;
1. Aku jarang ada masa untuk keluar,
2. Bila jarang jumpa, makin bertambah rindu,
3. Takut aku tak kuat menahan nafsu.”
“Kahwinkan senang…..”

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[17 Mar 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
Disiplin orang Melayu

Bulan ini aku banyak belajar tentang jangan terlampau baik dan percayakan orang. Bila tiba bab tentang duit, depan kita muka baik tapi bila tentang nak bayar hutang, memang liat, macam biasa. Aku ada beberapa orang yang aku percaya lepas tunjukkan prestasi yang memberangsangkan dalam sale mereka, aku berikan mereka kredit. Namun diri mereka sendiri yang tak pandai kawal disiplin dan tak pandai nak bezakan duit bisnes & duit sendiri.
Aku harap mereka sedar kerana aku masih dalam pertimbangan kerana bila-bila masa saja aku boleh terajang. Bila dah kena terajang, aku …

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[17 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]
Half of March 2009

Yo. As usual, I want to check my performance in the middle of the month.
A. Main business
Until 16 March 2009 0000 hour, my total sale is RM8473. Target this month is RM16K. Alexa Rank just below 400K.
B. Second business
The server was in serious problem before. Got the new partner to continue this business and I’m happy because she looks very excited.
C. JV – Physical products
In delay. My partner and I was busy.
D. Google Adsense
Still the same server problems. The earnings kind of flip-flop. Today I can get 7USD and the …

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[13 Mar 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
11K, UM & Sharingan

Setelah dua kali pertemuan dengan wakil jualan syarikat S, aku menetapkan untuk tidak menjadi stokis untuk daerah Shah Alam dulu. Pertama, walaupun potensi begitu besar, namun aku tak pernah penetrate market ni, so aku lebih suka kembali ke asal. Build the basic first. Keduanya, bulan ini aku perlukan modal pusingan yang banyak kerana beberapa produk baru masuk ke pasaran.
Semalam Khalis menjadi penasihat aku kerana ada beberapa perkara yang aku kurang faham. Selain itu, kami boleh nampak satu perkara dari dua paradigma yang berbeza. Encik Fairuz, wakil syarikat S, cuba menggesa …

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[10 Mar 2009 | One Comment | ]
Otanjobi Omedeto Ohkasyah

Oh….happy birthday for me, but not today, its yesterday.
Thanks Hafiz Scoot, Hafiz, Syasi, Minci & Erna for wish me personally (means not by social networking lohh).
What’s the special gift that I want?
I want to set in my mind;

And this is my rabbits & my neighbor’s rabbits.

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[4 Mar 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
Because I Love You Naruto-kun

I’m pretty sure, this is the most awaiting word from Hinata especially for NaruHina (Naruto & Hinata) fans.

I really hope it’s a beginning of new level of their relationship……

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[1 Mar 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
1 March 2009

Well I already closed account for the last month. Alhamdulillah, my target was achieved. Yay!
Total sale from my main business for February 2009 is RM12,229. Personal sale is RM8119. Nice number huh?
This month goal;
A. Main business
1. Break 16K barrier. Personal sale is RM11000.
2. Unique visitor 50K per month. Alexa Rank below 300K.
3. Increase 30% of my agents & dealer sale.
B. Second business
1. More creative in marketing strategy.
2. Penetrate students market.
3. Have 3 new agents.
C. JV – Physical products
1. Unique visitors 100-200 per day.
2. Good ranking in Search Engine.
3. Sale …

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[23 Feb 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Dapat baby lagi

Dalam pukul 11 pagi tadi, aku pergi usha arnab kesayangan aku. Terkejut tengok ada anak-anak arnab baru lahir..hohoho..gumbira, terus aku panggil Bangde.
Masa ni yang penting kena keluarkan bapak arnab tu, karang dia makan anak-anak arnab. Dahle sekor tu luka dan lebam, disyaki dianiaya oleh bapaknya atau maknya.
Ada 2 bapak. Tak tau mana satu bapak sebenar.

Masa ni aku angkat la sekor-sekor anak arnab ni masuk dalam bekas lain. Pastu pergi tangkap mak dia dan ikat kaki belakang dia….hehehe. Tapi skali kena pancut dengan kencing dia…cis….siot je. Sib baik tak kena ngan …

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[18 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]
Hey competitor

Just visited my sale website, oh, Alexa just updated the ranking again. Quickly I checked my TOP competitor website, oh yeah….even though you ranking increase, I am leading now for the first time. Yeah….!!!
One thing that surprise me, your website looks ‘people-want-to-buy-more’. Ohh….I bet your conversion rate must be high after this new change. This make me want to make up for my website too. Thanks for the new challenge for me. I can’t lose to you.

Aku sangat teruja!!!
Update: Sori, I am not the no 1 yet. Still the …

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[13 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]
Update Half of February 2009

Puhhhh…finished already my packing & shipping today. Did update my account. Sale until 10:47pm, 13 February 2009 is RM5884. Insya-Allah the RM10K’s barrier will be break for this month.

I learn many important things for past 2 days. Still remember when I really mad at my supplier? You know what, he still late a day…ohhh. However I knew everyone made a mistake and nobody want to make other people angry. But, the best thing yesterday, one of my product got reduced by RM5 from other supplier. Wow, if I buy 50units, …

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[10 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]
Aku panas

Aku marah giler kalau suppiler bagi barang yang aku dah booking minggu lepas pada dealer lain. Memang la aku terlambat sikit nak bayar, aku pun baru balik KL. Inform la dulu. Memang aku panas. Tah la, tetiba aku panas giler sampai tumbuk-tumbuk dinding biar sakit tangan aku ni. Mungkin orang mungkir janji senang buat darah aku naik.
Aku hantar sms, seakan kesal kepada supplier aku, tapi secara tiba-tiba hanset aku mati. Aku berfikir kembali buat apa aku aku berbuat begitu. Mungkin dia pun ada masalah. Aku pun kena ambil tanggungjawab. Kalau …

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[9 Feb 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Sumpahan Sup Lembu

Annyong haseyo
So this week I will meet Bro in Johore. I need his advices about our decision to open a shop. Just a small shop. And I bring a present
I was in JB since 2AM 7 February 2009. I need to meet Bro to discuss our planning. My mission;
1. Enter Permata Hijrah stockist.
2. Advices for opening a small shop i Kg. Melayu Subang.
I meet Bro friends, Engku Faizal while staying at Jacky (Tengku Jakiah) house. While waiting for Jacky we have a little chatting. Oh, Engku Faizal …