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[21 Dec 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
Counting on 1st day of 2010

Hello bro…how do you do. Do you missing me? Please said so cause I’m hopeless…hahaha.
Yay yay…..only have 10 days left before we move to a new year. Am I doing well? Hurmmm I suppose I’m doing great.
Friends always asking me, why didn’t I update the target for each month as I did it before. Hurmmm… my answer, I still do it but in other medium. Hope it’s a good enough answer ya…..haha
Hey, let check again Kasyah’s 2009 Mission in Action.
Find a new mentor
Profit income USD200 per day
Launch 3 digital product
Set …

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[6 Oct 2009 | One Comment | ]
It’s begin now

Hello and salam all.
My Sharingan projects will move to the next phase. All basic preparations was completed.
The competitions are very high. To control all the market, the big player became too greed.

Yeah, I was scared with the big player but day by day, I increase my determination to fight this guy. I get a good backup and myself upgrading too.
There are 5 biggest groups in Malaysia. I build a good relationship with just only 4 groups.
Price and quality is nothing if you want to compare it. All dealer play with …

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[7 Jul 2009 | No Comment | ]
Kimagure Romantic

After I finished watching this video clip….one word came out from my mouth; the vocalist is
I am still in busy mode. Next week I will visit Brunei to meet my dealer.
The funny thing, I love the type of that ‘sengal”s girl.

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[19 Jun 2009 | No Comment | ]
Produce my second product

I feel annoyed when my competitors playing with the price for the agents. It’s dreadful for a long term because it could collapse the market.

This is vitally serious because it your don’t carefully monitor it, the product price will drop it value.
So, as usual, whenever I reach at this point…I will;
1. Take enough oxygen.
2. Starting to research.
3. Move faster.
I will produce this product myself… it is not easy, but I have my own way. Fortunately, I got the ingredient sample from my business partner, only I couldn’t manage my time to study about …

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[14 Jun 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Biar ramai kenalan tapi sikit kawan

Aku ramai kawan. Tapi semua itu aku anggap kenalan. Aku sayangkan kawan-kawan aku selagi mereka masih kenal aku. So andai mereka buat-buat tak kenal aku pun tak terasa sangat, kerana mereka ni cumalah kenalan aku.
Bila aku anggap dia itu kawan baik aku, bermaksud, pada pandangan aku level mereka amat tinggi. Sebab aku tahu, dia ni tak main-main. So kalau dia tikam belakang atau cakap tak betul belakang aku, tahap mereka akan jatuh ke level paling bawah, lebih bawah dari tahap kenalan yang buat-buat tak kenal. Dalam hidup ni, kenapa perlu …

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[2 Jun 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
June 2009

May 2009 sales – RM23632.
Target must be achieved – RM2500.
This month personal sales target RM27000.
JV sales RM6000.
Ohh…will continue.

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[4 May 2009 | One Comment | ]
Kill the Subject!

4:11am, 4 May 2009-05-04
Finally, I am back on my laptop (with internet connection) again after 42 hours.
Faiz fetched me up and sent me back home today. We had a great discussion as usual while in the car. He shared with me a phrase that he learned from his father and practically applying it well with his job performances since the past 2 weeks.
“Kill the subject!”

Yeah, I am pretty sure you knew the word “take action” or “do it now’…..but what the heck does this mean?
You told me you want …

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[29 Apr 2009 | One Comment | ]

Hello there my friends, and I hope that when I address every one of you as my friends, it means I shall always treat all of you as my good friends for as long as you will not delude me. However if you did, I’m fine with it, because after all that’s life right?
Friends are everywhere. I have met many people, made lots of friends along the way, but deep down in my heart I still harbour doubts as to whether they are sincere to me or not. …

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[15 Apr 2009 | One Comment | ]
Encounter something unexpected

Don’t be afraid….wider your vision. Try new things everyday.
People understand things better after they are exposed to it.
peach dudes

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[5 Apr 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Start now or you will die

I still remember in my earlier days in my main business. I have problem about restocking. My rolling capital is very limited. I was depending on my Adsense money for rolling the stock and for my own expenses. So it’s hurt for me when I have to say to customer, “Sorry, my stock was finished already.” Its mean they will need to find from my other competitors and could become my competitors’s repeat customers.
However now is the different things. Even I have enough capital but if my suppliers don’t have …

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[1 Apr 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
1 April 2009

Alhamdulilllah, this month I achieved my main target again.
Total sale for the last month is RM16495. Currently I have 3 Adsense account that running this week. The other 2, is going to start next week.
The highest earnings per day I reach for the last month is USD44.44. Nice number…hihi.

Yosh, this is my mission target for April 2009.
1. Main business : Sale RM20K
2. 1st JV : Sale RM6K*
3. 2nd JV : Sale RM10K**
4. Adsense : USD550
5. Bidvertiser : 100USD
*My budget for this JV is RM500 for SEO & Media Buying
**This JV …

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[13 Mar 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
11K, UM & Sharingan

Setelah dua kali pertemuan dengan wakil jualan syarikat S, aku menetapkan untuk tidak menjadi stokis untuk daerah Shah Alam dulu. Pertama, walaupun potensi begitu besar, namun aku tak pernah penetrate market ni, so aku lebih suka kembali ke asal. Build the basic first. Keduanya, bulan ini aku perlukan modal pusingan yang banyak kerana beberapa produk baru masuk ke pasaran.
Semalam Khalis menjadi penasihat aku kerana ada beberapa perkara yang aku kurang faham. Selain itu, kami boleh nampak satu perkara dari dua paradigma yang berbeza. Encik Fairuz, wakil syarikat S, cuba menggesa …

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[1 Mar 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
1 March 2009

Well I already closed account for the last month. Alhamdulillah, my target was achieved. Yay!
Total sale from my main business for February 2009 is RM12,229. Personal sale is RM8119. Nice number huh?
This month goal;
A. Main business
1. Break 16K barrier. Personal sale is RM11000.
2. Unique visitor 50K per month. Alexa Rank below 300K.
3. Increase 30% of my agents & dealer sale.
B. Second business
1. More creative in marketing strategy.
2. Penetrate students market.
3. Have 3 new agents.
C. JV – Physical products
1. Unique visitors 100-200 per day.
2. Good ranking in Search Engine.
3. Sale …

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[15 Feb 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Move to Johor?

I was thinking to build my business in JB. For that reason, I must prepare around 2-3 months to settle down my business in Kuala Lumpur. Need to train my right-hand man or maybe sell my core business.
One thing that I dislikes, my core business is still my active income. I’m looking for a freedom. I want to follow my brother to Perth next week however it seem impossible with my busy situation now. Slowly I try to find my apprentice…

I know in JB I can get more …

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[2 Feb 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
My new partner Toshio

Guess…..now we are in second month of 2009. A month already complete their cycle this year. Alhamdulillah my sales last month still consistent. RM8343, still RM1657 to achive my first target RM10K sales. Only increase RM200 sales…Yadda….hurmmm…Luckily that’s only one of my business.

I was planning to have a new notebook since I been borrowed my mum laptop for past 3 months after my first & second CPU dead. I don’t want to waste time for repairing them. Buy a new one is the fastest way I thought because my business …

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[24 Dec 2008 | 5 Comments | ]
Kenapa Wanita Mudah Merajuk?

SIKAP lelaki yang dikatakan tidak peka dengan kehendak dan keperluan wanita dikenal pasti antara punca yang boleh menimbulkan ketegangan dalam perhubungan, sekali gus boleh membawa kepada putusnya hubungan sekiranya tiada percubaan untuk meleraikan kekusutan yang timbul.
Perbezaaan pendapat juga secara tidak langsung boleh menimbulkan salah faham terutama dalam perhubungan yang terjalin.
Wanita sering dikaitkan dengan unsur sensitiviti yang berkaitan dengan emosi. Pelbagai tanggapan diberikan terhadap wanita di atas sikap dan perlakuan wanita yang dilihat secara kasarnya begitu sensitif dan emosional dalam menangani isu yang berkaitan..
Disebabkan kawalan emosi yang kurang stabil dan lemah …

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[27 Nov 2008 | 3 Comments | ]
Ad dan Ros

Kisah kawan aku…Meh aku namakan Ad.
Sejak beberapa bulan ni, Ad mula berhubungan dengan ex gf dia. Meh kita namakan Ros. Dorang actually dah boleh dikatakan berpisah 2 tahun lebih. Tapi nak cakap berpisah, susah juga coz Ad la yang suka-suka mendiamkan diri lalu membawa kepada ikatan gantung tak bertali. Sampai buffday Ros pun dia buat bodoh je walaupun dia sebenarnya nak sangat balik KL dan celebrate dengan Ros.
Ad sebelum ni pernah clash dengan first lover dia. Bukan Ad yang minta putus. Lepas tu Ad pun mula belajar teknik-teknik menjadi buaya …

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[20 Oct 2008 | 6 Comments | ]
Senaman Tenaga Batin Power Giler

Kalau yang masih ingat aku pernah tunjukkan langkah-langkah Senaman Harimau. Kali ini, aku tunjukkan senaman yang lebih ringkas, kredit untuk PuteraKe4.

Beza dengan Senaman Harimau, aku perhatikan Senaman Harimau lebih menggunakan pernafasan. Pernafasan, Seksual Taoisme, Kungfu Seks, Gempar Basah, Gempar Kering… . Pepandailah cari sendiri.
Try your best, 5 minit sajor. Paling tak tahan Phoenix Menyapu Lantai Awan..hehehe.
Korang nak kuatkan?
Haa makan herba-herba ni,
Tongkat Ali Hitam, Halia Bara, Rancang Tembaga, Pasak Bumi, Ubi Jaga, Hempedu Bumi, Mengkudu Liar, Penawar Sulong,Teja Lawang, Nenas Batu, Madu Lebah Asli, Hulubalang Jantan, Rempah …

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[25 Sep 2008 | One Comment | ]

Just came back from Seksyen 24, Shah Alam. Meet with my friend. I asked a lot about shipping from Indonesia from him because his parents stay at Bukit Tinggi…hehe
“You must be bold to do business.”

I just nod my head. He continues telling the story about his Minang friends that brought goods from Indonesia and selling at here. If that item hot on sale, the will continue buy in large quantity. The only take a small margin but they go for volume. If the items can’t be sold, they willing selling …

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[16 May 2007 | 24 Comments | ]

Setelah membaca post terbaru dari bro Imo Imora aku pun tertarik untuk membuat satu lagi post hari ini . Aku nak tanya kalian pernah tak pergi ke mana-mana kedai mamak ? Mesti pernah kan ? Nak kenal pun senang . Pekerja dia semua pakai baju yang seragam + topi . Kebanyakkan nama kedai mamak menggunakan nama-nama seperti Safiah , Maju Ahmad , Hassan dan yang seangkatan dengannya .

Tapi kenapa kedai mamak masih menjadi pilihan kebanyakkan rakyat Malaysia (Cina pun dah ramai yang makan di kedai mamak) ? Aku lebih selesa …

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[15 May 2007 | 48 Comments | ]

Who’s the really Parkour founder ? I got this from wikipedia source .
“The journey of parkour from the Parisian suburbs to its current status as a widely practiced
activity outside of France created splits among the originators. The founders of parkour started out in a group named the Yamakasi, but later separated due to disagreements over what David Belle referred to as “prostitution of the art,” the production of a feature film starring the Yamakasi in 2001. Sebastien Foucan, David Belle, were amongst those who split at this point. The name …

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[9 May 2007 | 24 Comments | ]

Kenapa Kasyah.com . Kenapa aku tidak menggunakan nama yang diberikan oleh kedua orang tua aku?? Bro, siapa yang tak bangga kalau kita ada pakai nama domain sendiri tapi unfortunely nama aku sudah diambil orang . Nama singkatan aku yang glamour pun sudah dikebas orang .
Setelah berbulan-bulan memikirkan nama untuk blog aku ni , aku terfikir nama Kasyah . FYI , Kasyah adalah nama hero dalam novel Ahadiat Akashah iaitu Lagenda Budak Setan . Sumpah aku memang tak suka + meluat baca novel . Tapi kenapa aku membelakangkan prinsip aku kali …