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1 June 2009 2 Comments

Hafiz called me up yesterday.

“Eh, you didn’t go to Faizal’s wedding?”
“Oh, he’s already married? Well, I’m not sure why he didn’t invite me. But that’s okay.”
“Did they invite you?”
“Nope, I thought you knew.”
“Well, anyway…. people change.”

This friend (Faizal) and his wife were friends of mine.

Actually, deep down in my heart, I truly wish my future wife won’t mind if our wedding ceremony will be just a simple one. I’m not the type of person that will go for a grand and costly wedding ceremony. I’m basically, an introvert with a rather reserved personality. However, wedding ceremonies should be a merry and gaiety occasion, right? I could not be wrong.


To my friend L, whom had invited me to his wedding ceremony today in Besut, Terengganu, I am truly sorry for not attending because I’m not in Malaysia right now.

P.S: Insya-Allah, I will bring you a wedding gift if we could meet in KL someday.

2 comments on “Wed-ding

  1. Melayu Boleh on said:

    :neutral: hope my future wife is simple one also. Pening woo nak carik duit kawin :roll:

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  2. Katerina Lagenda Bermula on said:

    Well – buat je kenduri kahwin macam Ayu / Emilia & Kasyah kahwin…

    Katerina Lagenda Bermula’s last blog post..Masih blur – blues monday… =)

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